Paul Creston Award

The Paul Creston Award

This award draws its meaning from Paul Creston’s personal creed that is deeply rooted in the spiritual nature of composition and expression through the arts.  St. Malachy’s – The Actors’ Chapel will present this award annually to a distinguished artist who embodies the Creston Creed, excellence in the arts, and is a significant figure in church music and the performing arts.


In 2009, The Paul Creston Award was established for the purpose of celebrating the legacy of Paul Creston at the Church of St. Malachy - The Actors' Chapel and for honoring leading figures in the field of music, its performance, scholarship, performance and composition.  The award is also a tool for supporting the Paul Creston Memorial Pipe Organ Campaign (completed in 2012), the liturgical ministry, and artistic outreach to the community through its acclaimed and unique concert series. 

2009 - Frederick Swann

2010 - Bruce Neswick, 

2012 - David Higgs 

2014 - Janette Fishell

2015 - Stephen Tharp

2016 - Jennifer Higdon