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Past, Present and Future


For nearly 1000 years, the "King of Instruments" has been used at religious and civic gatherings. The pipe organ is capable of evoking extreme dynamics, tones and timbres of great subtlety to impressive blaze. As a primary instrument of the Church, the pipe organ's versatility as a solo, accompanying and concert instrument will enhance the highest standards of sacred music, vision and outreach through the arts community at St. Malachy's - The Actors' Chapel. Restoring this 'Cadillac vintage' American organ and re-locating it at St. Malachy's will also restore the grandeur, integrity and architecture of St. Malachy's as a place for superior liturgical music. Part of the mission of the Actors' Chapel is to serve people of all faiths in their artistic endeavors. St. Malachy's, a spiritual home in Times Square, is deeply committed to community service, the arts, and the human spirit.




The specified instrument that was designated for St. Malachy's is a restored Aeolian-Skinner pipe organ of American Classic design (1935, Opus 938). The instrument is comprised of nearly 2,900 speaking pipes, custom voiced and scaled for optimal balance and musical expression. Mark Pacoe, Director of Music at St. Malachy's, has overseen the organ project. His scholarship and recognition as an organist of international stature is an integral part of the organ project and the comprehensive plan for the pipe organ's use in outreach, development and education in parish and community programs. The Peragallo Organ Company of Paterson, New Jersey was selected to refurbish and install the pipe organ. The Peragallo Organ Company has a deep-rooted tradition in restoring instruments built by the Skinner Company.


Be Part of the Legacy


The fundraising goal for the Paul Creston Memorial Organ is $600,000. As a 'memorialized' instrument, it will serve the Actors' Chapel and wider community for many, many decades. St. Malachy's - The Actors' Chapel has a rich history by virtue of its address, and as a beacon of spirituality, hope and light in Times Square, it serves at the crossroads of the nation's performing arts capital.

Beginning in the Summer of 2009, 'Concerts at St. Malachy's' was developed as a benefit series for the pipe organ project. After its installation in 2012, the organ fundraising campaign has transitioned to a 'maintenance' campaign to support the ongoing tuning and an maintenance of the organ.  The concert series features instrumental, choral, Broadway, opera, chamber and symphonic music programming.

If you would like more information about the campaign, please contact Mark Pacoe, Director of Music at (212) 489-1340 x131 or e-mail music@actorschapel.org.

You may also make contributions to the organ project fund or Concerts at St. Malachy's through Faith Direct - either with one-time donations or ongoing monthly donations by clicking the donation button below.



Make a donation to our pipe organ or Concerts at St. Malachy's!