Elementary Education

Religious Education for children in Pre-K – 7th Grade meets three Sundays a month following the 11 AM Sunday Mass.  The general curriculum includes an in-class lesson followed by a take-home lesson that can be done with their parents. Parents are encouraged to participate in all classes, and the curriculum is designed so that each lesson can be reviewed during the week at home. 


Along with learning prayers and religious teachings, we also enjoy special family gatherings such as the Halloween party that is organized by the Confirmation class.   Before both the Advent and Lenten seasons, there are two ‘Family Sundays’ where the children and their families make holiday craft items for the Actor's Home in Englewood, NJ followed by a party. Throughout the year, special events are often planned.  This year, Director of Music, will offer some special ‘Educational Outreach Programs’ designed especially for the children of the parish.


St. Malachy’s Religious Education program is unique.  Most children come from all areas of New York City, and they often sit and discuss the different means of transportation they use to get to church.  Our prime location and vibrant parish life is attractive to families. This is reflected in the surprising number of young family’s and children that call St. Malachy’s their spiritual home.   


All Religious Education teachers are volunteers.  Every class is given great care and attention to give the best education possible.  Our top priority is quality education in a safe environment, and all teachers must qualify with a thorough background check.


For more information, please contact Lisa Calabrese, Director of Religious Education, at liscalabrese@aol.com